Lets Get Ready For Cuba

How to Pack

Packing for Cuba is easy. It’s a chilled out island, so unless you’re trying to get that big feature on @blacktravelgram in your red dress with stilettos while in Havana, leave your high heels at home!

I’m not going to tell you how many tops or pairs of shorts you should be packing – I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to work that one out for yourself. But a word of advice – you’ll probably overpack.  

Footwear? We’re packing flip-flops, trainers/converse, sandals.

Clothes? We’re packing shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses, those super cool baggy hippy trousers, crop tops, loose jeans. Cuba can be hot and humid during the day, and sometimes a little chilly in the evenings.

Towels? It would be unusual for a casa particular to not supply you with a towel for showering. But, from experience, the towels are often hand-size. If you want to swan around the room in your towel getting ready for your night of salsa, bring your own! I recommend a micro-fibre travel towel – they’re cheap, lightweight, and dry really fast.

Toiletries? Bring everything you need. Wet-wipes are great to have.  Some restrooms away from Casa will not be equipped with tissue.  It is not out the ordinary for the area.  Travel size items are best and makes it easier for you to carry. 

Must Haves

Cuba Additional Information

Are my payments refundable?

By purchasing this experience you acknowledge and agree to our No Refund policy.  By purchasing trip cancellation coverage you will avoid the unnecessary worries around what happens if an emergency occurs and you can’t make your trip.  Many providers offer a variety of coverage. Companies that offer travel insurance in Cuba.,,, and

Is a Visa and Passport required?

Yes. In order to travel to Cuba you must have a valid passport.  A visa is also required.  Some airlines that fly to Cuba include the Visa with purchase of your airfare or will sell it to you at check in or departure gate.  It is your responsibility to have the correct travel documentation. 

When should I purchase my airfare? 

Purchase your airfare at your convenience. Everyone has their own methods for searching flights.  

What is the arrival airport? 

Havana Jose Marti International Airport (HAV).

How will I commute from Havana Jose Marti International airport to my accommodations?

We will provide airport pick up on arrival. 

Where are we staying?

You’ll stay 4 nights in Havana in a Casa Particular (Premium Bed & Breakfast). Most accommodations

Can I have private room? 

Our private room charge is an additional one time fee of $350.00.

Is insurance coverage is necessary?

Yes! We always strongly suggest travel insurance. Cuba requires it and in some cases medical insurance is added to your plane ticket*

Do I have to speak Spanish?

Our tour guides will be bilingual.  The language on the island is Spanish. The use of translation apps will be of great assistance.